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Now and until September, you're likely to enjoy tremendous opportunities for self-expression. This is a time for appreciation and praise from others, as well as fabulous rewards for your efforts. This month, you're in a particularly good position for making new acquaintances or connecting with others more meaningfully. For the past seven years, whenever planets move through Capricorn and your solar third house, they clash with Uranus in your work and health sector.

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As a result, you may encounter setbacks due to disorganized routines, upset schedules, or unreliability with work or health issues. These are not insurmountable, but you can struggle with these things from time to time. While this is happening now, it's worthwhile to note that this theme is on its way out and will be put behind you come March Getting a better grip on your daily affairs and routines will help ready you for the opportunities emerging this month.

From mid-January through to the end of February, you're in great shape for concentrated effort to improve income or build an important project, business, or venture in your life as Vesta and then Mars transit your resources sector. Sound energy is with you for honing and developing your talents and boosting your income.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You're also more assertive about what you want and need. Increasingly, you're more home-oriented, especially from mid-January to mid-February. However, the Lunar Eclipse on January 31st serves as a potent reminder of your obligations to the outside world. This eclipse is the second Full Moon in January there are none in February and occurs in your career, reputation, and public sector. A Lunar Eclipse happened in the same area of your solar chart in February , and another the final one will occur in February There may be pressing demands in your professional life now, and perhaps a bit of scrutiny, but whatever this eclipse does bring to your attention, you get the message that it's time to restore some balance between your personal and professional lives.

This is particularly important since another eclipse occurs just two weeks later and spurs new beginnings in your personal life. The Solar Eclipse on February 15th can bring powerful new beginnings of major new long-term projects or family and home-related affairs. There can be the need or desire to put your personal life first now, and changes may be afoot. You're in an excellent position to start fresh and take charge.

Improvements on the home front can be notable now, particularly with better daily routines and improved health. This can sometimes conflict with your personal plans and sense of independence, but making things right in your private world can have positive effects across the board and deserves your strong attention now.

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Venus, Mercury, and the Sun move into your creative, celebratory solar fifth house on February 10th, 17th, and 18th, however, and you can feel as if you're coming out of your shell. It's fabulous for exploring your creative side and channels for expressing and enjoying yourself. This is a time for prioritizing fun and pleasurable activities in your life when possible. Splurging a little is fine, but tense aspects between your finance and pleasure zones in the last week of February suggest going too far with this could set you back. However, this is an excellent period for creative expression and an especially receptive audience for your ideas and plans.

Until January 20th: The Sun continues to highlight your solar third house--a time of the year in which you are most likely to be a "busy bee". Communications, short trips, errand-running, and general busy-ness feature now. You could have a finger in many pies, so to speak, as your curiosity is piqued by a larger variety of things than usual. Used well, this could be a period in which you come up with solutions to a number of problems. From January 20th forward: With the Sun spotlighting your house of family and home, these areas are your instinctive focus during this period.

Your family, home, property concerns, roots, and heritage come into focus and become a source of pride. You are likely quite preoccupied with feelings of security and your inner experiences. This is a time when you send down roots and seek a feeling of belonging. You could be thrust into a position of leadership on the home front. Ego confrontations with family members are possible now, but the best way to handle this energy is to do your best to strengthen your relationship with your family and your home base.

This is a time to do what you can to build trust in your family life and a strong foundation within yourself so that regardless of what you meet in the outside world over the next months, you have a secure place to return to. Besides spending more time tending to domestic affairs, the focus can be on cultivating and nourishing the inner foundations that support you and your growth. This is a time to collect yourself--to fill your well, so to speak. A Lunar Eclipse Occurs on January 31st: A general rule of thumb regarding eclipses is to avoid major decision-making in the week before and after an eclipse.

This is because new information that could change our perspective often is revealed in the week after the eclipse. There is absolutely no need to suspend projects already in progress. Essentially, it's better to take in right now--to observe and get in touch with feelings.

Areas of Contraction and Lessons in Simplicity:

This Lunar Eclipse stimulates your solar tenth house. Surprises surrounding career and reputation matters may be in store. Something that has been "in hiding" or brewing under the surface of things comes to light, or there is a significant fruition or culmination. This could manifest, for example, as a career change or challenge that you didn't expect, a surprise revelation from a coworker or boss, a new promotion or career direction dropped into your lap, and other such possibilities. During this cycle you are especially charming in your communications with others.

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Your words are soothing, and you tend to use words to smooth over problems that you see around you. You are mostly cheerful in your approach to others, and perhaps somewhat intellectual. Essentially, you are quite companionable during this cycle.

You enjoy talking about what interests you, and you see value in the exchange of ideas. Sometimes this transit brings benefit through siblings, communications, or short trips. Good companionship is as equally important as romance to you during this cycle. You prefer an intellectual, communicative, and witty partner just now, and your powers of attraction are increased through expressing these types of qualities.

You are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness, and verbal rapport, and you are especially good at mediating conflicts now. If you were to begin a romance or friendship during this cycle, it would likely be quite light-hearted. During this cycle, you are especially fond of the life of the home and family.

You are more receptive and gentle on a romantic level, and tend to be sentimental or nostalgic now. You may particularly value the aesthetics in and around your home during this period. If things are out of whack on the home front, you will do whatever you can to create a peaceful and stable atmosphere. Loyalty and sensitivity in your relationships are more important to you than typically. You might focus on ways to earn money in or from your home. This is a calming influence--a time when simple pleasures most appeal. Until the 11th: Mercury continues to transit your solar second house.

You might play with various ways to increase personal funds, resulting in more than one avenue for monetary gain. Avoid letting undue pressure from others push you into signing important papers that may create a serious financial commitment. Shopping when experiencing nervous tension should also be avoided.

Your mind is always active with new ideas for an increase of income during this cycle.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Brothers or sisters, or communications, may be a source of financial or material gain or loss now. More time spent on the phone, writing emails, in the car making short frequent trips, chatting, running errands, communicating with neighbors and siblings, visiting friends and relatives, and doing paperwork is likely now.

There can also be a tendency to fuss over insignificant matters now, however.

Also, "information overload" is also a possibility. This may be a busy time with neighbors, classmates, siblings, and community affairs. Your interests are especially varied now and perhaps scattered. It's an ideal time to pick up information from your environment and the people in it, as your tendency is toward a certain level of intellectual detachment just now. Your mind is often distracted, particularly when circumstances call for you to stick to the routine, so this is not the best transit for focusing on one task or project.

Your mind is especially inquisitive during this cycle, when learning, short trips, and other forms of communication and making connections, appeal strongly. Some are fidgety or nervous during this cycle, perhaps due to increased errand-running, phone calls, and the like. Others enjoy the challenge of tackling a variety of subjects. As well, talking, writing, and studying can be good ways to handle stress.

This is a time during which you can enjoy increased powers of concentration. You may require solitude in order to get mental work done during this cycle. Your memory is more retentive than usual, and your thoughts often turn to personal matters, family, and loved ones.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope: Tomorrow

You might particularly enjoy discussions about your early life, the past, or family matters during this cycle. In fact, it's a great time to open up conversations with loved ones, as you are more rational when it comes to personal matters now. Your mind often wanders to domestic concerns, and issues surrounding your home, family, and personal past. On the other hand, this transit sometimes indicates an especially busy, and perhaps hectic, period on the domestic scene. For example, you might take home work or find that people drop by your home often during this cycle.

Sun enters Scorpio

Until the 26th: Mars continues to activate your solar first house, supplying you with added energy to apply towards personal goals, and a more assertive and direct approach to the world in general. This is an excellent period for physical training and exercise of any kind. The desire to be self-sufficient and independent is especially strong now. You are far less tolerant of being restricted by or dependent on others, and this is a good time to identify your personal strengths and to take positive action to rectify situations that may have previously felt frustrating or repressive.

You might be especially attracted to personal challenges, and seeing just how far you can push.