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June 15, at PM. Juno sexual linkages with Saturn captivations. I will note that the biographical information I found did not really point to a stalker relationship between Sid and Nancy. As far as I could ascertain, Sid and Nancy had a relationship characterized by drug abuse and domestic violence. If you know more of the history of this pair, please let me know.

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Neither of these pairs indicate obvious sexual captivations, though other interesting patterns exist. Sid and Nancy have numerous serious clashes, including one Nuclear Clash, but only one Juno sexual linkage. With Hinckley, Jr. Hinckley, Jr. I have become intrigued enough by this question to want to do further research. I have noted the names of the stalkers and their celebrity victims and plan to do a mini-research project on this phenomenon at some point in the future.

Question 2: It is entirely possible to have a difficult cycle for years in the progressions, which are longer and stronger than transits. Any of these give a person horrible judgment. A Sun-Chiron clash progression. Even the benign Venus-Neptune progression can create such a strong desire to be in love that one discards common sense, especially at a clash angle. A triple parallel is the Declinational or Latitude equivalent of a Grand Trine So were there indicators as to which one could 'win'.

It's clear that their charts show that both men had the astrological indicators which would empower them to be able to be great singers. What would be the 'deciding' factors? The Transits that Clay and Ruben were having at the time of the Finale can help us to understand the trends that they were most likely to encounter. If you will recall, when we looked at the elections of , we noted two important principles. The most important principle was this In lieu of being able to study the Nomination Chart though, we also learned that , because Magi Astrology is consistent, the TRANSITS that a person is having at the time of an election are also a reliable 'clue' with regard to the trends that they are likely to encounter at that time.

This makes sense because it would be illogical if the nomination chart were to point strongly towards a person being able to succeed, if their transits at the time of the election would be very bad. With regard to Clay, Ruben and all of the other contestants on American Idol, the KEY chart would have been the day that the producers would have contacted them and informed them that they had been chosen from the auditions. The chart of the day that they actually auditioned, and the linkages and clashes that it would have made to their charts would have indicated whether or not they were likely to be cast.

But since we don't have their 'casting' dates, we can look at the transits that each of them was having at the time of the finale But one of them may have been having stars that were just that bit more sparkling at that time Ruben was having more Cinderella Transits at the time of the Finale. However, we need to look closely.


Venus in Declination in Ruben's chart would be at In the Geocentric Dimension, Planets stop and change direction in Declination as well as in Longitude. Just as planets in Geocentric Longitude stop and change direction, planets in Declination do as well. In the manuals to our advanced software packages, we include special lessons in Magi Astrology which cover concepts such as Incompleted Transits and Focus Aspects.

We can be sure of this.

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While we do not know Ruben's exact time of birth, Saturn in Declination on the day he was born only moved from What we cannot be percent sure of is the precise position of Venus in Ruben's chart. On that day, Venus moved from Because of this, it is most likely that Chiron's Declinational station was occurring much tighter to Venus Another strong sign, with no question was the transits that Ruben was and will be having to his Chiron from Transiting Pluto and Uranus..

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Pluto at Lastly, with Mercury turning direct and then moving forward, Ruben was having a looped Transit of Mercury right over his Venus. Overall it is rather easy to see how Ruben's Short and Medium Term trends were helping him to be able to be very successful and charismatic, especially with regard to Singing, at this time.

So what about Clay? When we look at Clay's Transits for the period the first thing that we notice is that , just like Ruben, Clay too was having Transiting Venus applying to parallel his Chiron. Ruben and Clay were born in the same year But at those two times in that year, Chiron in Declination was at almost the exact same position. Notice too that just prior to the Finale, so in the days leading up to the Finale, Transiting Mercury was Parallel to Transiting Venus Both men too had had the transit of Venus conjunct their Chiron in the days just prior to the Finale, in those days running up the the big show, when there was enormous buzz about the two of them in the media.

Clay was and is having the exact same Cinderella Transit of Pluto contra-parallel his Chiron, just like Ruben Magi Astrology helps you to understand things that you would not be able to otherwise.

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This is why after the voting was done, they were only divided by , votes out of 24 million There are though astrological indications where Ruben does have a distinct advantage over Clay right now Ruben's progressions are far more powerful. Obviously, any Longer Term Trend is going to be more powerful precisely because it will last longer.

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Symmetrical Planetary Geometry is always the most powerful astrological indicator at any given time. Ruben's Natal Pluto is at At We have to keep in mind though that we are using a 12 noon birth-time for Ruben Progressed Venus is also applying to an opposition to Uranus as well..

Also in Declination Ruben's Progressed Venus is aligning with his Natal and Progressed Jupiter in our books we have noted that the combination of Venus and Jupiter can indicate a 'champion' or 'leader'. Planetary Synchronizations are always the most important features whenever they occur A picture of course is worth a thousand words It's possible that this geometry could be even tighter than it is If that were not good enough, notice too that in Longitude Ruben also has the Progressed Transit of Jupiter trine to his Uranus While Clay is having some wonderful progressions, it is obvious even at a quick glance that he isn't having any progressions that are forming Grand Trines or Yods.

Clay is having the Cinderella Progression and Progressed Transit of Progressed Sun quincunx to natal and Progressed Chiron, and this will be continuing to build for the next 3 years.

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Clay is also having the long long lasting Progression Transit of Neptune to his Mercury, which of course indicates that his ability to apply artistic talent to singing will continue to increase for a long time to come. Nonetheless, it is obvious that Clay is very close to the peak of the Progressed Transit of Sun parallel his Mercury, which of course says 'The Singer". As you will recall, when we were examining Clay's natal astrology, mention was made that it was possible that Clay may have been born a bit earlier than 12 noon, and that one reason for considering this would have been Heliocentric Mercury in Longitude.

Using a 12 noon birth-time, we have a Longitude position for Helio Mercury for Clay that is One of the hallmarks of the Mercury Chiron enhancement or the transit or progression is having a 'Golden Tone' in one's voice.. Clay also has this alignment in Helio Latitude Until a precise birth-time is known for Clay, if it ever is, we won't be able to be sure, but it is something to keep in the back of our minds.

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  4. Even if Clay were having the progression, it would be a background progression at this point and would, like his Uranus Venus progression, never come exact in his lifetime. Because the most powerful transits and progressions at any given time are always those that are nearest to coming exact, it would not have been able to help him vault over Ruben's Grand Trine. Progressed Pluto, Venus, Uranus and Neptune are all synchronized. When this happens you have both two equilateral triangles Symmetrical Planetary Geometry always is.

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    All Rights Reserved. Magi Astrology helps you to understand the alignments in a person's chart more accurately Clay's second synchronization says a Person Sun who is a Successful Jupiter Cinderella Venus Chiron. The Transits that Clay and Ruben were having at the time of the Finale can help us to understand the trends that they were most likely to encounter If you will recall, when we looked at the elections of , we noted two important principles.

    In the Geocentric Dimension, Planets stop and change direction in Declination as well as in Longitude Just as planets in Geocentric Longitude stop and change direction, planets in Declination do as well.