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Cancer Leo Cusp – Dates, Man, Woman, Compatibility

For instance, the tendency of this cusp to become self-indulgent and insensitive to the feelings of others may hurt the crab, and if things get too ugly, a Cancerian will sting with words that are thousand times harsher! Also, the need for a Cancer-Leo to be the center of attention all the time, and leading this highly-sociable lifestyle, may instill jealously in a Cancer lover. Cancer-Leo with Pisces.

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Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac chart and therefore contains a little bit of all the zodiacs that come before it. Being ruled by the water element and governed by mutable qualities, those belonging to this zodiac can transform into any shape and size as their lover wishes them to be. Not that this pair of fish doesn't have a mind of its own, but because it believes in selflessness and growth of the ones that are important, negating the needs of self.

Remember we said that this cusp needs someone who can be the source of inspiration, the pillar behind the success? Pisces is the one!

Moodiness / Volatility / Oscillation

Yes, the moodiness of the both of them may cause conflicts that might include some hurtful and insensitive exchange of words, but these conflicts will only pave way to kiss and make up. Cancer-Leo with Libra. The one thing that a Cancer-Leo cusp needs, is to find a balance, a sense of equilibrium so that the constant swinging may be controlled to a certain extent. And there is no one better than a Libra partner who could help this cusp attain that point of balance. This air sign is known as the sign of balance and harmony.

A Libran is a highly peace-loving sign with the gift of weighing the pros and cons of two extreme situations and bring about a neutral, peaceful, just, balancing point. No wonder it is symbolized by the scales!

Dates: August 19 - 25

Like our cuspian, even Libra is highly romantic and inclined to materialism to a certain extent. Also, both are charming and sociable. The advantage that a crab cum lion has when it comes to dating a Libra, is that this sign can handle the fluctuations of this cusp efficaciously. Problems may arise when the escapist side of Libra to not instigate any conflicts upsets the highly upfront and expressive Cancer-Leo.

Nonetheless, the politician of the zodiac chart knows how to handle the hypersensitiveness of the crab lion. A Libran's laid-back and non-rigid attitude complements the ambitiousness and unscrupulousness of this cusp.

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Cancer-Leo with Capricorn. Though we wouldn't call Capricorn totally submissive and docile, it still has the potential to team well with a Cancer-Leo. Yes, we know that the goat is stubborn, somewhat traditional, but it is also ambitious and focused.

I was born close to the Cancer Leo cusp. Am I a Cancer or am I a Leo?

Perhaps this would work well to give our cusp the firmness it lacks in everyday life, especially when it comes to decision-making. A Capricorn is a great leader, and this union would do well to bring forth the fine leadership qualities that a Cancer-Leo possesses, but rarely implements due to the swinging tendency.

Although highly dependable, loyal, and disciplined, a Capricorn can also be quite fussy at times, behaving unexpectedly in a given situation. Because both of them can say that they have 'been there and done that', an understanding is likely to be established in this aspect. The goat is confident otherwise, but a shy socialite. The patience and maturity of the Capricorn would serve well when our cusp behaves in an unruly manner.

We won't call them perfect all the time, but these two definitely have a lot to learn from each other, and grow in the process. Cancer-Leo with Aquarius. Capricorn Ascendant cancer leo cusp dating a libra scorpio Another full place crashed about cook instinctively in sunday guide on remarkable, killing at least one episode unconsciously, but it was big to the session.

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Cancer Leo Cusp

They always strive to correct wrongdoing, and they need to feel that they have achieved something at the end of the day. The situation corresponds to action, and they will rarely sit down and think, instead of just sitting and bending plans; are not too impulsive because they can look into the future and consider the consequences of their actions.

These people are able to obsess about their problem before they get to the point, which makes it difficult to get to know and difficult to solve. Additional attention is required while giving the story in its own way — their imagination and tendency to overreact and exaggerate takes them to another level. It is important not to interrupt them while they are thinking about something, some idea, cause they will pull in their armor forever. The basic characteristic of the people born on the cusp between Cancer and Leo signs is their extreme confusing character, which manifests itself from the shyness and fearfulness to the very open expression of friendship and high seductiveness.

They can be confused with the inability to behave so that that behaviour follows their feelings correctly. Extremely emotional, these human beings understand the signs along the way and intuitively follow them — this is their way of how they make a great success in life, and in any time if they do not follow that lead these people make mistakes. And sometimes they choose not to follow that lead, rushing into things. Some people may say that these people can change their emotions very fast and that those ups and downs are in constant interaction with the rhythm of their current emotional state.

They can be a handful of a problem for the people in their environment, who cannot deal with the fluctuations in their lives. They need only a little loneliness in some moon phases, in order to restore their own energy — and they should be left to do so. Sometimes these people can give their appearance, and public image is of great importance, and they will do anything to protect their reputation. As people, they are very generous, mild, but if they are angry they will rebuke sharply, but after that, they will calm down and feel sorry.

For all people who are born on the cusp between Cancer and Leo, romance is the romance an integral part of love — every declaration of love is essential for them. They slowly fall in love and do not like being rushed into anything, but they can do it at times. However, once fall in love, they loyal and acts proactively.

Their lovers must be aware, attentive, and sensitive. Compassionate and subject to deep feelings, they often fall in love, and even if they do not want to admit it, these people love to be in love, but depending on their lives at the moment, they can be more or less open.

These people need to be in love with someone who is their support, and who will never prevent them from feeling that they will neglect their careers.

Cusp of Cancer and Leo Love Life

They believe in the family and often live by the traditional family values, but this does not mean that they will never cheat their lovers, but in their heads this is justifiable — once they find such a person, they definitely do not want to give up on him for all time. When in love, even the slightest criticism directed to them will be received by the heart and will not be easy to forget. They have beautifully developed intuition, which is why they are worth listening to others opinion of something or someone.

Their notion of a perfect partner is someone who likes to linger with them, and who will make them feel secure or stable — family is the greatest sanctuary for her. By nature, these people are caring and family, even if they can seem and sometimes act more glamorous and extravagant, the thing that suits them perfectly is stable family life, and security and loyalty are the most important.