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Volume 2 BC — AD and Volume 3 — BC are meant as research tools for investigating history, archaeo astronomy, reincarnation and other riddles from the past. It brought the possibility of calculating both Ecliptic and Galactic charts from scratch. At least between and By bringing the tables needed to calculate Ascendant, MC, Vertex and East Point, in addition to the positions of the planets, found in the corresponding Ephemerides.

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More explanations in the book. The point here being that now it is possible to make Galactic and Ecliptic charts quite accurately off-line, even without the use of a computer. Who knows when that can come in handy, but I am very happy that all these tables now have come into physical existence. They represent potential understanding of times and places in a way no other method can provide, at least as far as I know. For me personally, the inclusion of the Galactic Dimension into Astrology has far more than doubled the value of this ancient science, art and language.

Because with two Zodiacs the whole thing becomes three dimensional, with totally new things to explore. Particularly in that Space between each Ecliptic and its corresponding Galactic transition. I hope you get to become just as excited about these books as I am. Perhaps particularly now that they also have become available as pdf eBooks, which could be unbelievably handy. They have truly been a long train running so far.

And who knows, it may not have stopped running quite yet. That means the very foundation of our lives is going to change in the year now upon us.

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To see why, we must first go back some years to the founding of the first modern central bank, the Bank of England. By noon on 2 July the subscriptions were completed, and on 27 July the Royal Charter was granted, turning the subscribers including the English Crown into the Governor and Company of the Bank of England. I consider the latter date to be the birth of the bank, but also find the other two dates interesting. Particularly Saturn authority around Ecliptic o, and on the Lunar North Node where energy can come in , and the both of them close enough to the Galactic Center, which is the Source.

But it is mostly Saturn as well as Pluto, Uranus and the Nodes which hold the key to the timing of the market crashes, and so we note the positions of the Retrograde Saturn at the time as follows:.

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To see if there is a connection between this chart and economic downturns, we start with the Panic of The planet or Plutoid symbolizing a central bank, is Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. As well as railroads! It is thought that two important underlying causes of the Great Depression of was American post Civil War inflation, and rampant speculative investments in railroads.

That can always bring dramatic changes. So it seems the happenings of make a whole lot of sense in relation to the chart for the Bank of England. And Saturn was at G and E those days in October But perhaps just as ominous, Pluto at G Clearly, we are presently moving into quite similar dire times as in The fake news and propaganda of the Cabal-owned western mainstream media will see to that.

Not so for the Cabal of Central Bankers, however. They may well not only know about this beforehand, they may even have planned it. And that there was not only the Wall Street Crash of October , but also the Panic of , the Recession of — also called the Eisenhower Recession, and the Norwegian Financial Crisis which started in Then there was also the Economist Magazine from 9 January , with the picture of the Phoenix on the cover. Rising from the burning fiat paper currencies with a gold coin named after itself around the neck.

A gold coin with the year stamped upon it. So when looking ahead from they seem to have been sure they would get in position to have a global gold-based currency by Or in at the latest.

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Looking up 9 January I found not only Saturn, but also forward-looking Uranus, on that same spot:. When looking ahead from they must also have used astrology, to be able to forecast their intention for the next Saturn cycle, or at least for the end of the coming cycle, in the chart for the phenomenon of Central Banking. Which is controlled by the same Rothschilds as is the Economist Magazine.

yoku-nemureru.com/wp-content/the-best/891-top-mobile-phone.php But there is an even deeper side to all of this. Because the reason why the Central Banking Saturn is so powerful, is because of its proximity to one of the spokes of the Great Cross. And because of the approaching Galactic Center in the Ecliptic Zodiac. The Great Cross is caused by Precession and appears only once every 12, years. And the Great Cross is here now.

Exact in , but within one degree of exact for 72 years in both directions. That means that there is a special energy symbolized by the four spokes. The spokes of the Great Cross are mentioned in the Bible in both Ezekiel and Revelation, because each spoke goes through the beginning of one of the Fixed Sidereal Signs — those that are wonderfully portrayed, but imprecisely positioned, as the Zodiac Constellations.

These are the Angles of the Apocalypse, and the one we are dealing with here is the Scorpio-angle, also symbolized by the Eagle. Not unlike the Phoenix on the cover of the Economist. Something which is not very likely to be coincidental. So then into this picture came Pluto, as it transited the same Scorpio-angle from G to E :. Their own home-made terror to be precise.

In order to save the Petrodollar. And when the Financial Crisis broke out in , and the whole system threatened to come crashing down, it was plastered over with incessant money-printing, while nothing was really fixed. When the plan seems to be to crash the dollar and have a new currency show up like a Phoenix out of the ashes. Which by now could be the only option left for the Cabal, to show up as the Central Bankers behind something like a Gold-based Yuan and a New World Order out of the East.

Or a new crypto-currency.

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Other than their complete and utter failure. OGY They will have graceful, gentle, simple, and straightforward natures. Although violent when driven to wrath, they quiet down quickly and bear no grudge. The Aquarius subjects will be fond of solitude, laborious and diligent, patient and persevering. They are well endowed for serious studies, and for ruling over other people; they are always dream- ing of riches and honors.

Passionate in all their undertakings, their opinions are ardent, steadfast and strongly convincing.

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The property the subject will acquire will not be permanently in his possession, but be taken from him repeatedly through the intrigues of evil-minded people, some of them his pretended friends, who will, at times, resort to violence to deprive him of his own. Through members of his family he will come to much money, but other blood relations will damage his position and reputation.

They will have few brothers and sisters, if any; they will receive from them little else but unpleasant, even cruel, treatment.

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  6. On a short trip, the subject will run some serious bodily risk, probably on the water of through fire-arms or quadrupeds. His father will die of sudden death, or meet with unexpected financial reverses. Scientific researches may be the cause of either disaster. Aquarius subjects are often blessed with twins. Death in child-birth is among the probabilities; the infants that will come to them will be delicate in health and hard to raise. Among diseases that will afflict them are troubles of the stomach and the lungs, violent sick headaches and brain neuralgia.

    The Constellation Leo, in whose resort all unions between sexes are placed, foretells for the Aquarius subjects a marriage with an artist, actor or professional musician. The career of the subject will be full of ups and downs, the latter often of the most disheartening kind; but he will always come 68 ASTROLOGY out a victor, either through his unfaltering efforts, or through the opportune assistance of his friends.