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Know what astrology and the planets have in store for people born under Pisces sign.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Pisces today. Your over emotional nature though helps needy but at times may strangle you in an embarrassing situation. Seek help of your partner to come out of such situation. This is a time for some intimate and secret communication. Financial gains are most likely possible but keep a distance from gambling. Put your words cautiously lest they hurt a loved one.

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Get involved with your group of friends to exchange ideas over the preparation of homely made medicines for mild ailments. You can also refer any book about therapeutic benefits of these remedies. You need to realize that though there may be a lot of love, every relationship needs work to be sustained. Life is a balance of restriction and expansion, and you're noticing that today. The moon is in your sign today, Pisces! It's a wonderful time for communication, flirting, and enjoying fun banter as the moon connects with Mercury, and solid social plans are made as the moon connects with Saturn.

The moon meets Neptune, finding you connecting deeply with your spiritual practice. The moon in Pisces finds you daydreaming, Aries, but the psychic insights you receive are certainly worth examining as the moon connects with messenger planet Mercury.

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The moon also connects with Saturn and Neptune, offering support and flexibility. Catch up on rest! You're in a social mood today thanks to the moon in Pisces, and an easy energy for communication flows as the moon connects with chatty Mercury. Plans are made as the moon connects with Saturn, and a magical energy radiates as the moon meets whimsical Neptune. You're reflecting on your career today as the moon moves through creative water sign Pisces.

The moon connects with your ruling planet Mercury, bringing you much needed information, and limitations are reached as the moon connects with Saturn—but your creativity flows as the moon meets dreamy Neptune! The moon is in fellow water sign Pisces today, inspiring you to take a journey. You're in need of a fresh perspective, and finding yourself in a chatty mood as the moon connects with Mercury.

A supportive energy flows in your relationships as the moon connects with Saturn and mystical topics are discussed as the moon meets Neptune. New insights into relationships and love. Strong attractions. Relationships begun under this influence are intense and passionate, deep and far from superficial, and can be quite possessive as well. The Void of Course Moon is the period of time after the Moon has made its last aspect in one sign until the Moon enters a new sign.

During Void of Course Moon periods, it is generally wise to stick to routine rather than to begin new projects. Void of Course in Horary Astrology: If you were asking a question and making a chart for the answer, as you do in Horary astrology, it is said that since the Moon is not looking forward to any more aspects in this sign, you would have to say that the answer is not forthcoming; any questions asked at this time would not come to pass. The following tables incorporate the modern planets, but some astrologers do not count Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in void Moon calculations.

See Best Time to Start a Business for more details. No planets are retrograde again this week, which helps things flow along relatively smoothly. See also: Astrology of Today — an overview of the day this takes you to my other site, Astrology Cafe. This Week in Astrology Calendar: February 10 to 16, Mercury semi-square Saturn. Red tape, re-doing tasks we thought we had finished, problems getting from point A to point B, delays in communication, negative thinking, hypersensitivity and criticism—these are all potentials now.

The energy is best used for focusing on fixing errors rather than harping on how irritating they are! Mars conjunct Uranus. A tendency to take risks, to feel restless, and to act on sudden impulses without considering consequences can take hold now.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 November, 12222

We are naturally bold and assertive, willing to experiment, and conscious of a need to act independently. Our ideas may be ground-breaking, or at the very least progressive. A strong desire to make things happen is with us now. The best way to harness this exciting but erratic energy is to act rather than react. Mercury semi-square Pluto. Mistrust, investigations. Some level of mental stress, trouble, or pressure. Mars semi-square Neptune. Disorganization, lack of drive, lack of forethought, impracticality, and carelessness.

Energy and time are too easily wasted.

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Pisces Horoscope for October 12222

See below for day-by-day forecasts and planets in signs. See also Transit to Transit aspects. See also: Astrology of Today — an overview of the day — Astrology Cafe. See also the new Astrology Trends Calendar that includes these daily trends overviews and other astrological events such as ingresses, stations, and lunations.

Mercury moves into the sign of Pisces today, where it will stay for more than the usual three weeks. Because of its upcoming retrograde cycle it will be retrograde from March , Mercury will transit Pisces for over two months — until April 17th. We are especially attuned to the world of emotion, and this perspective colors our thoughts and our style of communication.

This energy is best used for focusing on fixing errors rather than harping on them! The Moon spends the day in the easygoing sign of Taurus, harmonizing with Venus in Capricorn. The Moon in Taurus is content, sensual, earthy, and sensible. Mars approaches alignment with Uranus in Aries, exact very early tomorrow. This is the final such alignment while Uranus is in Aries Uranus will move on to the sign of Taurus on March 6th. We are naturally bold and assertive, willing to experiment, and extremely conscious of a need to act independently.

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The best way to harness this exciting but erratic energy is to act rather than react, although it can be difficult to know whether our impulses come from genuine desire or if we are rebelling against restrictions. We should watch for rash decisions and impatience now. If we feel confined, this is a time when things come to a head. The fact that this happens while Mars and Uranus are in the final degree of the sign of Aries adds even more urgency to the combination.

The Gemini Moon, which will last until Friday morning, encourages us to diversify, put our feelers out, and pick up new ideas or tips. Mars leaves its home sign of Aries and enters Taurus today, where it will transit until March 31st. Mars in Taurus can be a relatively passive influence but full-on when resisting or defending something! In stark contrast to the impulsive Mars in Aries cycle, we pursue our goals by plodding along patiently. Mars is semi-square Neptune today, which can bring out the more indulgent side of the combination.

The moon is in Pisces today.

We may need to get over a little slump, and we can be extremely sensitive to the moods and undercurrents around us. We may have a hard time defining our actions and our goals, perhaps losing sight of reality and reason temporarily. The Cancer Moon is sensitive, cautious, shrewd, and receptive. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, drawing our keen attention to our personal lives, attachments, home, family, and familiar places and faces.

The Moon in Cancer is warm and safe. However, it opposes Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, suggesting some tension due to our drives to perform, pleasure in producing, or the demands of our responsibilities. We can be competitive and perhaps impatient.

Nevertheless, the Moon also forms a trine to Neptune, and we can find creative ways to express and satisfy our increased needs for safety. Today is good for respecting our intuition and relaxing rather than pushing forward, even if we need to do some battle with our desires to perform or produce. As well, Venus heads towards a sextile to Neptune, exact early tomorrow.

A magical time on a romantic and social level is possible now, as we are inclined to see spiritual dimensions of our relationships and to approach others with increased compassion. This influence encourages us to open up and embrace loving feelings. There can be a commitment made to work through tough problems, or a willingness to put our talents to good use.

We can be determined to take better care of ourselves, and discoveries made now can fuel or reignite our motivation to pursue a particular path. We're motivated by a strong desire to start fresh. A gut instinct to start something new is with us now, as well as the gumption to do so.