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It's possible to have a successful relationship with just about anyone you choose, regardless of their sign, since you have free will, Rebecca M. Farrar, M.

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But it never hurts to know more about your sign's traits and values, as a way of gaining perspective. It's also fun to give your signs a once over when pairing up with a new partner, or when chatting about compatibility with a long-term partner. But Farrar points out that astrology and birth charts are complex things. While it'd be nice if it were this simple, it's not accurate to say "Virgos should marry Capricorns, and that's final. Make sense? Then read on for a breakdown of different matches, and have fun with what it reveals about who you might end up with.

As far as defining traits go, Aries is bold, impatient, independent, and always up for something new, Lisa Barretta , an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink , tells Bustle. And as a result, they are well matched with fun and adventurous types, like Sagittarius and Aquarius. There is always a sense of exciting challenge with this paring. That said, if Aries is looking to achieve a few solid goals, they might be happiest with Leo, Robert Phoenix , an author and astrologer, tells Bustle.

Leo and Aries can do well when it comes to having a family and settling down, since this can be important for both signs.

Daily Horoscope: February 26th - February 27th

Taurus is defined by several traits, including patience, loyalty, sensuality, and frugality. They also really like to be comfortable, Barretta says, which is why they might be happiest marrying a Cancer. When it comes to marriage, this is always beneficial, especially since most breakups are caused by money disagreements. That said, "Scorpio is also a good match for Taurus since this sign is also very private and patient," Barretta says.

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Gemini loves to have fun, which is why Farrar suggests they look for a partner who can move quickly, offer stimulating conversation, and keep them from getting bored. This is one sign that'll move on if they aren't feeling excited, so they look for folks who can keep up.

The Best Zodiac Signs For You To Marry, Based On Your Sign

Aquarius can be a good match for that very reason. Another good match would be Sagittarius, "since they are both friendly signs and usually have lots of friends that form an interesting social circle," Barretta says, which is perfect for Gemini, since they value being social and surrounding themselves with good people. As a nurturing, moody, empathetic, and family-oriented sign, Cancer will want a partner who helps them feel safe.

And that's why Leo tends to have what it takes to make a marriage work. For this marriage to work, they'll both need to listen to each other and create firm boundaries, so that they both feel secure. Taurus can also make a great partner, since they are patient enough to wait out Cancer's dark moods, Barretta says. These two have the ability to understand each other no matter what life throws their way, which is a trait that can certainly come in handy when navigating the ups and downs of life. Leo is an incredibly proud, creative, and dramatic sign, Barretta says, as well as one that's protective of their loved ones.

That's why they often settle down with Pisces, who also values feeling safe and protected, leading to a marriage that feels secure for both signs. Libra can also be a great partner, since they both share a desire for the finer things in life, Barretta says. But more importantly, Libra and Leo help balance each other out. Leo loves doing all the talking and getting all the attention, while Libra is often indecisive and is cool with taking a step back.

They mesh well together since they won't step on each other's toes. If a Virgo has been through tough relationships in the past , and is looking for someone to help them feel secure going forward, they may be happiest with Taurus. Not only is this sign down for deep commitment , Phoenix says, but they're also a great match for an enduring love life. When it comes to someone who might be able to help Virgo reach their goals, though, they might find a stronger connection with Capricorn. They might not make for the most exciting match, since both are homebodies and hard workers.

But it's something they appreciate in each other, and can lead to a solid, stable connection. All they'll have to do to ensure they don't get bored is plan the occasional date night, or plan a special evening at home, and they'll both be happy. Libra is a charming sign, Barretta says, as well as one that's fair-minded and indecisive.

No one understands them better than Taurus, who has a very similar mind. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and the last remaining puzzle pieces fall into place now. Verbal Mercury is still in your sign and making a series of wonderful aspects all week, indicating that everyone is paying attention to what you have to say. So reaching out to old friends or networking will reap rich rewards now. But something comes out of left field Wednesday that will have you reconsidering everything, so stay open to changing your strategy or approach.

And money is definitely on your mind as well. Think long term and invest wisely! This is a big week, Pisces! Some work or financial drama may require attention Wednesday, which may be stressful. But it will blow over quickly.

Mercury slides into your sign Saturday, followed by a rare new moon solar eclipse Sunday. The eclipses that have been taking place in your sign over the past two years have heralded major changes. Now that you have a better sense of what you want, use the energy of this powerful eclipse to set the stage for the future of your dreams! Make a list of goals and wishes, and spend some time appreciating how far you have come. This is a huge week, Aries, and you could be making some life-changing decisions.

Friends are a big source of support and good advice now, thanks to verbal Mercury making a glowing aspect from your zone of groups. So talk things out with them before you make any big changes. A work-related breakthrough Wednesday will give you a clear sign of where you need to be focusing your energy.

You know which path is right, especially since your ruler, active Mars, also unites with forward-thinking Uranus on Sunday.

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So move forward confidently. Just take care to avoid the trap of power struggles. Balancing your own needs with the needs of others will require your time and attention now. A lot of career opportunities have been cropping up recently, and the good work conversations continue this week, thanks to verbal Mercury making a series of glowing aspects from your zone of fame and success. But your instincts are also telling you to tread carefully.

Horoscope 17 may 2018 pisces

Something unexpected Wednesday will have you wanting to pull back a little bit. These will be major themes of the next few weeks and months, so keep close tabs on how conversations evolve. Work has been a big focus for you recently, and this week will help you see where you are moving forward in the right direction and what might need to change. Your vision and ideas have been expanding, which has been revitalizing and encouraging.

The trend continues through the week with your ruler, clever Mercury, making glowing aspects that help you see the long term.

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But financial realities and relationships with coworkers and groups may be more difficult to navigate. So pay attention to the messages you are getting about how to make this part of your life run more smoothly. A rare new moon solar eclipse in your zone of fame and success Sunday heralds a very special time at work, so walk through any doors that open in the next few weeks and embrace new opportunities. You have been keeping your own counsel and feelings things out with regards to some big work opportunities and personal decisions that have been weighing on you.

Continue to feel things out and ask the tough questions, especially related to finances, since verbal Mercury is making fabulous aspects from your zone of money and intimacy.